Montreal day 2 ... err ... Florida recap

I know I never wrote about Thanksgiving. It was good,
ate a lot and drank many beers including this Danish
beer called Faxe. It was a gigantic can and had a
Viking on it.

I know that was the past but it relates to my vacation
story. So as you read, we never made it to Canada. We
got home from the airport and I hit the Internet and
the phones and booked us a cheap trip down to Orlando.

When we got to MCO (Orlando’s airport) we got some
lunch, and went to the wrong baggage claim. That was a
stroke of luck. We went to the proper one only to find
our bags off the carousel and with a pile of bags
ready to go on Disney’s Magical Express – a free
service that you have to sign up for weeks in advance-
we took our bags and lied our way onto free round trip
service to our hotel. Sweet!

We head out to MGM, unfortunately the thing I wanted
to see – the stunt spectacular – was done for the
evening. But we went on Star Tours a bunch of times,
and the ship broke down once. Oddly enough on the time
that the guide didn’t say “may the force be with you”.
Coincidence? Me thinks not.

They had this one block (New York Street) and it is
totally covered in Christmas lights – millions of
bulbs. It was also snowing on that street that was
blaring holiday music. The snow was a very fluffy and
made of light soap.

On Monday we went to Epcot and while in Norway there
was a screaming child, the mother was trying to
comfort the child and Ani said one of my favorite
quotes of the trip.

My favorite quotes #1
“Don’t worry honey all the Vikings are dead!”

That night we ate at Alfredo’s, and I do believe that
actual Italians hate Italian Americans. The wait staff
was like “this is nothing like a real Italian
restaurant in Italy.” Ok I’m cool with that, bring me
more Parmesan cheese! Our waitress kept sneaking up on
Ani, with water or fresh pepper. Valentina was quite
intense especially when she was trying to push desert
on us. That is why at any restaurants I like to sit
against a wall; no one can sneak up on me. No one with
a gun, or a canoli.

There was some pop Warner cheerleading and football
competition going on at Disney that week. It was very
annoying and that brings us to quote number 2. We
were in the hot tub when fifteen pre-pubescent
cheerleaders storm in as well. For sanity reasons and
sanitary ones, we left and mentioned to the head
lifeguard there are way too many people in the hot
tub, more than double the posted limit. And we hear
one of these over hyped up cheer parents tell the
others that someone was telling the lifeguards to kick
the girls out of the hot tub …

My favorite quotes #2
“It’s cheerleader week!”

So just because it is cheerleader week there are no
rules? I know I sound like an old complaining bastard,
I kept reminding myself how cheap I was able to get
this trip.

We traveled a lot by boat, from Epcot to the Epcot
resorts (for dinners, mini-golf, and lounging on
deserted beaches at night). Our hotel had a boat that
went to Downtown Disney right near our favorite
sandwich place “The Earl of Sandwich”. We ate there
twice, no complaints from me.

Our last night there we ate at the Octoberfest. I had
a gigantic beer and gorged myself on German food. Wow
is it heavy. We were seated at a table with these two
ladies from Dallas I believe and three guys from
Boston. When I mentioned we were from New York there
was an odd silence and then I blurted out quote number

My favorite quotes #3
“Don’t worry we are the good kind of New Yorkers.”

They knew what I meant. They were nice guys, one of
them was also trying to drink the giant beer, and like
me he left more than half in the glass.

Overall we hat a great time. Ani and I went to a whole
bunch of different hotels, just to check them out. We
were really relaxed checking out what we wanted to
see. We ate great food. We showed spirit!

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