Strike Days 2,3 & 4

This transit strike, which as of this moment is still in full effect has been filled with ups and downs. And at times it seems like everything is a blur.

Tuesday Morning:

I drive over to Austin street to take the LIRR. They have a reduced fare, $4 per way. Better than walking to the Union Square area I guess. Ani was able to work from home, that was sweet for her. When I got to Austin the line wrapped all the way from 71st/Continental to Ascan Ave, and then over to Austin. It was cold, people were confused. The line moved quickly enough, when I got to the point where I could buy tickets they said just go up to the train. Sweet a free ride. I only waited an hour or so.

When I get to Penn, I wait on a line for 45 minutes to get tickets for that afternoon and for the rest of the week. I guess it is better doing it now than trying to deal with 1000s at the end of the day.

Tuesday After work:

I leave work at about 4:45. I walk over to Penn, wasn't nearly as cold as it was in the morning. There seemed to be thousands of people in front of the Garden. It was like a riot scene from Soylent Green. All we needed were the trucks taking new volunteers. There were people on mega phones, but you couldn't see them, and they were saying go this way. But they all spoke at the same time and you could barely hear what was going on. At one point the giant mob starts moving towards the stairs, I jump in and get down into the station. They punch my card and I look for a train stopping in Forest Hills.

I get on a train, it wasn't too crowded, I even got a seat. I spoke with this guy who was a regular. he gave me a tip to avoid the lines, which I did the next day and it worked like a charm. As we get out of the tunnel, there is an announcement saying the train is going straight to Jamaica. I could transfer back. I call Ani, she is worried because on TV it is being shown like its Kabul. So I miss a train at Jamaica, and I wait and wait and wait. Finally around 7:20 a train arrives, and soon I am back at the Forest Hills station. That is when the real hassle begins.

I get to my car, and it won't start. I am pissed. I call Mike but I can't get in touch. I call Ani and she calls her dad to come pick me up or jumpstart the car. After a long while we get my car going. Ani's parents pick up Jacop and Christine at the train station and we all head back. I turned off the car. Let it sit, and started it up again. Cool, no harm no fowl. It was 9:45 when I walked through the door. Five hours since I left work.

Wednesday Morning

Ani and I get ready early, happy birthday to me, I walk out to warm up the car. I turn the key. Nothing. FUCK! I start walking back, Ani calls her dad who picks us up and takes us to the train station. The roads were jam packed. When we get there, the line was as bad as it was the day before. But now there were two lines, one for non-ticket holders and one for ticket holders. Despite being twice as long the ticket holder line was moving twice as fast as the other line. I heard rumblings near the front of the other line that they were there for almost two hours. Yikes. We get on a train, we found seats again. And soon we were at work.

Wednesday after work:

I miss the shuttle bus that my company hired, by 30 second. Fuck it, I'll walk. I quickly get to Penn. Ani called me, she took my shortcut and was on a train. I soon was on another train and within 25 minutes I was sipping Starbucks as we waited for Mike to pick us up.

Mike got there, we went into Ridgewood, the home of the under $2000 Hymenoplasty, for dinner. Food was tasty. Mom and Mike gave me a DVD burner, wohoo. Ani gave me a plethora of stuff including a new jacket, some books, a cd, a cool boat candle holder and something else that I can't remember. Ani and I watched some TV, hoping for a break through. Stupid Dawna won The Apprentice Martha Stewart.

Thursday Morning:

Ani's dad picked us up at 7:15. We got to Forest Hills by 7:30. There was barely a line. The weather was nice. We got off the train at 8:07. I was at my desk by 8:39. What the fuck? Can't complain, won't complain.

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