blast from the past

I was listening to NPR while at work (yes very blue-state of me). I was away from my desk but I thought I heard a name I hadn't heard in the longest time. Zuber Frost. I didn't actually hear that name.

Zuber Frost was this guy who Squilky found his number. When you would call him he always had their really bizarre answering machine messages. This was in a time before cell phones and caller id. We would call Zuber and leave "funny" messages for him.

I wonder if he is still alive, if he liked the messages he got. Why he recorded these things. I kind of remember a jungle themed message.

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Mike said...

Woah! I had totally forgotten about Zuber. If you have a phonebook handy, you should look him up. I think that's how we found him originally.

How great would that be if Hillary announced her running mate and it was Zuber Frost. Clinton-Frost 2008..Catch it!