It takes some people hours if not days to buy shoes or a car or a house. It took me over an hour today at lunch to buy a pair of head phones. My Sony head phones are good, but they are so bulky to carry around with me, so I needed something small after I broke my small blue pair.

I flirted with some bud head phones, but they didn't seem like I'd ultimately like them. The one pair I liked the "gummy" ones from JVC were cool but the wires were pink, what the fuck?

So I went with this pair of Coby's.

I think they'll work out just fine.


Mike said...

How does he find the time to play basketball, rape women AND make headphones? HEY-OH!!!!

Pooka said...

Most comfortable headphones I ever bought, and only $15.

Sony h.ear Clip-On In-Ear Stereo Headphones
Model: MDR-J10/Black