Local talent

The other day I came home and I saw some flyers on my car. I took a look and I found these flyers for a new local strip club "Club Rogue".

What I like best about the flyers or palm cards, is they clearly used girls from the club, not just generic models. You can almsot smell the glitter and sadness on them.

I know where I will be celebarting Superbowl Sunday!


Mike said...

Im gonna guess that the girl up on top really dances at Rouge, but the girl in the ad for the Super Bowl is a model and does not dance at the "club".

niel said...
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niel said...

The girls on teh back of the superbowl ad, look like the picture was taken at three AM in the middle of July at the free clinic!

Mike said...

Yes, she looks like #2 prostitute in all of Khazikstan.

Ladies and gentleman, Miss Herpes 2007!!!