quick update

I am writing a full entry right now. But I just saw two things that I need to mention.

The first is a controversy about a movie that is premearing at the Sundance film festival where a 12-year old girl is raped in the movie. Dakota Fanning stars as the girl. This gets the Distorted View's seal of approval. DING! Read more here .

The other story is just baffling. Some dude (a pet store owner) brewed a beer for dogs. Sadly he made this beer to loosen the inhibitions of the dogs in his care. You sick bastard. I didn't read this article just the headline. Read the truth about the dog fucker


Mike said...

Hrmmm not sure if it was the same article or not, but I read some article about a god for beer as well, but it was non alcoholic.

Kelvin said...

I read a similar article, though it was about a pub in ireland. And they had made to beer so that man's best friend can share more with them. The best part is, How do you know when your dog has had too much? He can't say hey I got to get this drunk home. So, I want to nominate this guy who made this for an award. What a great way to make money.