We are finally up to date on Battlestar Galactica, its going to suck to have to wait a whole week before the next episode. But alas.

We made some kick-ass wings on Saturday for lunch. They came out perfect. And what goes better with wings than beer. Red Stripe HOOORAY BEER!

Ani and I went out to dinner with my Mom on Saturday to the Spanish restaurant on Myrtle avenue. For a place that had been such a dump, they really fixed it up nicely. What is neat the owner must have some baseball connection, because there are tons of pictures of him with major leaguers. Highlights include, Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes and Luis Alicia (the Spanish language voice of the New York Mets). There are also some pictures with Yankees, including a very frightened looking Brian Cashman.

I still have a post "in the can". If the snow picks up and we can't get to work tomorrow, I'll post it early. If not after work.

The new Apple iPhone is awesome. I so don't need one, but i so want one!

I bought some wool socks for camping (at the urging form the book "A Scouts Honor"). I also packed my pack for a trip in two weeks. What the fuck? I'm trying to lessen my carrying load. I only need to put in my eating things and I'm done.

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Mike said...

You could always watch the first 2 1/4 seasons of Lost while waiting for the next Battlestar Gallactica episode.