This is my favorite Superbowl commercial!

I may have taken a picture at work that looks like one stuffed animal is about to feel up another stuffed animal. All I can say it involves ducks and mice.

Last week's Jeopardy exam was so fucking hard. There is almost no chance in hell that I will be called back.

Me and my co-workers are in a lottery pool. If we won, I think I would do this professionally. Tim Henson style. That and train to be on the champions tour by the time I'm 50.

Gaz Nevada is a pretty cool musical act. I've been listening to this song a lot ... enjoy.

I am glad the Colts won last night, Peyton manning, Marvin Harrison and Tony Dungy do things the right way and they seem to be genuinely good people. They were clearly the best team out on that field, and they deserved to win.

The Raiders should trade the number one pick in the upcoming NFL draft for a time machine back to the glory days of Raiderdom. Or pick a defensive back first over all.

I really need to discipline myself to writing every day. Its tough to sit in front of my computer after sitting in front of a computer all day, but that is resistance winning.

I didn't watch the State of the Union (this post was written a while ago) but I heard when Dubya went to shake Nancy Pelosi's hand there may have been an accidental boob grab. Sure accidental. She is totally a SHILF!

Enjoy this ... my new ringtone

Kelvin brought over some wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. The normal ones were very tasty but the "Blazin" ones were tough the first time ... and the second time. Burn Burn Burn the ring of fire. Why does that paragraph remind me of North Carolina?


Mike said...

It's funny you picked that as your favorite commercial. Don and Mike were talking about that commercial. It seems like people either loved the commercial or hated it. I guess it appeals to the sci-fi fans.

Personally I liked the one where everyone was walking around slapping one another.

Ahhh Blaze

niel said...

That was pretty funny

Anonymous said...

You don't want to write when you get home, it'll cause eyestrain. Watch some tv instead and enjoy being fat.

-Your Pal,

foodiechickie said...