How to Bear-Proof your home

Isn’t it weird that when you are preparing to bring a baby home, you start baby proofing your house. It seems like the wrong choice of words. If I “bear-proof” my home, I’m not making it a safe a comfortable place for bears. I can’t think of a better word though.

I like writing on the train. The noise helps me zone out and write.

This morning I read on the Mets message board that they are only selling tickets to Opening day and the subway series games via a lottery or with a ticket plan. Was shut out of such a lottery last season for the playoffs. This is so fucked up … yes I applied for the lottery.
As shitty as it was, waiting in the freezing cold for tickets last year. It seems much more fun to me than this bogus lottery. I guess I’m following the game on yahoo. Lame. Unless I win the mega millions lottery, with people at work, and I buy season tickets.

I’d like to take more pictures. I really enjoy it and our new camera takes good photos.

What the fuck is up with that woman astronaut. Trying to kidnap and murder a rival in a weird love triangle with another astronaut. My favorite part of the story is she drove like 9 hours (or was it 900 miles) and she wore Depends so she wouldn’t have to make any pit stops. Nice.


Mike said...

Hrmmm, so does this mean you guys are expecting a baby or a bear?

You should start participating in the 365 day challenge on Flickr if you want to use your camera more. It's fun.

That's my secret to speedy travel. I always wear Depends. ALWAYS!

niel said...

Your reading way to much into it ... we are bringing home a displaced polar bear named Lars

Mike said...

Lars, the dark and cryptic drumming polar bear from Denmark!

niel said...

He was featured in An Inconvient Truth floating on an ice floe

foodiechickie said...


Pooka said...

I think if you have a son, Lars would be an awesome name. Lars Vuolo. Mom'll love that.

foodiechickie said...

I think when naming a child it's up to the parents and thats it.