sick day

The one bad thing about married life is ... when one of you gets sick the other one is sure to follow. I guess this serves me right I gave Ani that stomach thing a few weeks ago, and now I have her cold.

I actually left work early yesterday and didn't go in at all today. Which is really not like me. The cold is now near my ears and chest. Camping this weekend is looking mighty iffy.

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, and having a weeks worth of stubble next to my goatee makes me look even worse.

When I couldn't sleep last night (since I took a three hour nap during the middle of the day) I watched "The Sarah Silverman Program", it was ok, Brian Poehsen and Zach Galifanakis were great in it, but Sarah is just too I don't know. I'm probably not going out of my way to watch it again.

On the new season of "Pros vs Joes" they have these regular guys boxing Roy Jones jr. Is that fair? Even though he might be washed up, he could kill some one. No one is going to die catching pop flies hit by Vince Coleman.


Mike said...

Did you see the Pros vs Joes with WilL Clark?

Mike said...

And face it, you don't have a cold. You are mourning the death of Anna Nicole.

foodiechickie said...

LOOLL. Thats funny.

Sorry I gave you the cold honey.

niel said...

I didn't But nxt week Darryl Strawberry is going to be on.

Pooka said...

"I gave Ani that stomach thing a few weeks ago"

I don't need to hear about your odd and well researched bed room practices, thanks very much.

Start chugging chicken soup and tea or something. If I have to go camping with Pete and you're not there, I may murder him.

niel said...

good times good times

Mike said...

Will Clark looks pretty much the same, except he is quite a bit heavier than I remember him.

Anna Nicole Smith said...
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