Countdown till opening day

I was listening to a Mets podcast this morning and the guy was gushing about SNY. I like that the Mets have their own network an all, but my issue with SNY is that the Mets Classics are all 1986 NLCS and World Series games, sprinkled in with a game or two from 1999 - 2001 and the NL east clincher from 06. Don't get me wrong no one loves Game 6 of the NLCS as much as me, but I've seen it a lot. I particular on a video tape that also had a copy of Erik the Viking on it.

I wonder if they just don't have rights to older games. It would be neat to see Dwight Gooden's first game, or some Tom Seaver games.

Speaking of the Mets isn't it time to retire #17 for Keith Hernandez. Think how nice #17 will look on the wall.


Mike said...

That sounds about right, thats 42 years of Mets baseball rapped up in about a dozen games. I thought I saw Dwight Goodens no hitter on SNY. Oh wait maybe it was David Cones perfect game. Oh no, sorry that was on the YES network.

Sorry you set yourself up for that ;-).

niel said...

I know :(