Jenna Fisher Nude ... again!

When you see Jenna Fischer on the Office she is so sweet in her white
sneakers and little cardigan sweaters. But all of a sudden she's naked in
magazines everywhere! Not that I'm complaining.

The latest is from April's edition of Wired.

Let me be the first (I'm sure I'm not the first) to say Jenna you should be
nude more often in front of a camera. Not in creepy Paris Hilton way, but in
a sweet girl next door way.

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Mike said...

Sure Pam is the obvious choice of the "hottie" on the office. But I saw Jenna on Letterman one night and found her to be very annoying. Plus Pam has to be the least interesting character on the office. Angela is way hotter in my book and there is so much mystery around her character. She's gonna be on that new improv show on NBC which Im looking forward to.

Different strokes for different folks!