Two interesting shows I saw this week

Last night I couldn't fall asleep. But being Friday that was cool. I was able to catch a documentary on Debbie Does Dallas. It was fascinating, they had some of the stars of the film. Not Bambi Woods "Debbie", since she has not been seen since the movie was made, and her disappearance is shrouded in mystery. Is she dead, or did she just slip back into anonymity?

Like most big budget porn movies of the 70s, it was heavily financed by organized crime, and the FBI was involved. Really interesting stuff.

Another show I watched this week was on Showtime and was a TV version of NPR's This American Life, the radio show focuses on small slices of life and the TV show was very similar. They had two stories, one about a bull (which dragged) and another about a improv group that was good. Check out this link and watch the show. A new episode is on next Thursday at 10:30.

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