I just got a call from New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. Perhaps he should worry more about getting swept by the Red Sox or his team mate A-Rod getting rub downs by Biff Henderson, than if I can listen to the Mets in Alabama.

Can I say that its almost too warm outside?

On a unseasonably cold day on Friday DPW had our first game of the season. I played first base in our disputed 6-5 loss to the Writers Guild of America East. I made solid contact in both of my at-bats, both times I hit it up the middle. The first at-bat I lined a hard single that drove in a run, the next time I popped up to center with the bases loaded -it was on ball four. We have a game on Friday, I am hopping for a better outcome for me and the team.

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Mike said...

Im glad Derek got to say hi :-)