When Ani and I were in Toronto last year one thing we noticed is, Canadaians really lve being told what to do. They love being goverened. That is why they are the perfect candidate to be the 51st United State.

Check out this coimmercial for the Toronto Blue Jays, that is now banned.

Toronto Blue Jays "Big Hurt" has TV ad pulled
By Scott Valentine
Wed Apr 4, 12:50 PM ET

Major League Baseball star Frank "The Big Hurt" Thomas was feeling a little beat-up on Wednesday after Canadian regulators demanded changes to a commercial featuring the Blue Jays slugger engaged in a pillow fight with kids.

"I just don't want people to think I'm a violent-type guy because I'm not. I'm a fun-loving guy," Thomas was quoted in the Globe and Mail newspaper.

"They said the child landing on the floor may have left the impression that he was hurt," said Laurel Lindsay, the Blue Jays' vice-president of marketing.

"I said we better keep it lighthearted," Thomas told the Globe and Mail, adding that he was concerned during filming that people would "take it the wrong way with me smacking a kid with a pillow like that."

The Blue Jays thought the commercial, which originally aired about a week ago, was harmless.

But the Television Bureau of Canada, the industry group that approves commercials for broadcast, disagreed and refused to approve the ad until images of the boy being knocked to the floor were edited out.

"It says something when people are taking a pillow fight so seriously," said Lindsay. "People have been calling in to radio talk shows and asking if the TBC has ever seen a Bugs Bunny cartoon."

The original version of the commercial has already had thousands of hits on YouTube.
Thomas, a 17-year major league veteran and five time all-star, has 487 career home runs.


Mike said...

The "Big Hurt" laying a beat down on children. That's just beautiful.

foodiechickie said...

That is so strange because Canada is pretty open minded and one show comes to mind DeGrassi was pretty open to all issues. So I find it strange that a funny commercial like that would be banned.

niel said...

I wish the Mets made commericals like that. Paul LoDuca picking up college girls and saying "Hey I'll catch ya later!"

foodiechickie said...


Mike said...

Paul LoDuca, the Joey Tribiani of NY baseball. how YOU doin'?