Dwight K Shrute's phone

On the office last night, Dwight had a wanted poster for the flasher. It had a phone number on it, Ani and I rewound the DVR like 15 times until we were able to get it.

So once we got the number (800)-984-3672, I started dialing. Busy Busy busy. So after Scrubs was over we were able to get through and it did not disappoint. It is really like that book I read last year "Cathy's Book" which also had interactive phone numbers and what not. What is nice about it was it was totally realistic, there was no ad for NBC, or anything like that.

I woke up super early this morning and I went on the bike, and was able to watch this show called "Mets Fast Forward" on SNY and it shows last nights game in an hour. All the highlights not much of the fluff. Perfect for your workout.

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