Holy Shit

Stay out of the water! I can't think of anything scarier than this.

We wanted to see Pirates over the weekend, but the line was way to long, so we skipped it. Maybe next weekend. We ended up breaking in our new beach/outdoor chairs in the park. Sweet! I feel asleep in the park.

It was nice hanging out with Kelvin this weekend. After hanging out with Kelvin and the Dowd's we saw "Who Killed the Electric Car" wow that is so fucked up.

Ani and I finally got around to watching "Superman 2: the Richard Donner edition" It was really good. Though a bit disjointed. Though when Lois was wearing just superman's shirt ... hot. Though it would have been hotter with a "Lois and Clark" era Teri Hatcher.

Did you see when Ms. USA fell during the evening gown portion of the Ms. Universe pageant. Its too bad, because of the final five she was the hottest. The second hottest Ms. Japan won.

I am going to start a new photo a day project on Flickr. I just fell to far behind on the old one. Thinking of that I need to upload some pictures from golfing last weekend.

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