The thunder in NYC this morning was so loud ... it woke me up this morning. It sounded like an explosion. I looked out the wndow to make sure that it was raining and that the cylons were not attacking. I can't remember the last time I was woken up by weather.

In my recent obssesion with Ronnie James Dio I recently acquired the new Rhino handmade release of Black Sabbath Live at the Hammersmith Odeon. Taken form a few shows in 1980, they play a bunch of the standard Dio Black Sabbath tracks (Heaven and Hell, Neon Knights etc) but they also play some Ozzy era songs (Iron man, Paranoid, War Pigs) and let me tell you this, there are a lot of lyrics in Iron Man that you have never heard Ozzy pronounce. There isn't a lot of chatter which is nice. Its really good quality.

Yesterday was Mike's graduation, finally. It was a really great ceremony, though it was really dark in Radio City Music Hall.

I used to hate that commercial for RBX or RGX with the girl who wants to smell you only upclose. But I'll admit I'm hooked on the commerical.

The softball season has not gone well this year so far. We are 0-3, and currently I'm hitting .333(2 for 6) and my second hit of the season went all of 10 feet.


Mike said...

is Ronnie Dio still alive?

dave said...

yeah. he was in the D movie