King of Kong

Yesterday on Pop candy Whitney mentioned a movie called "The King of Kong" which is about the man who holds the world record for highest score ever in Donkey King (he once played for 20 straight hours). And now he has a rival. It looks great, it would be great as a comedy starring Ben Stiller, Will Farrell, Jack Black and a Wilson brother.

Billy Vs Steve

The Trailer


Mike said...

a single film with Will, Jack, Ben and Owen (Luke isn't really funny) is too dangerous. People would literally die laughing. It would be rated H for hilarious.

Did you vote on the Pop Candy poll for best American rock band of all time? It was an eye opening question. Because immediately Led Zeppelin came to mind, DOH!!! AC/DC DOH!!! Black Sabbath...Damn. The Who. Then I thought of Aerosmith, but they come from Boston, so no way Im voting for them. So I can't decide if I want to vote for Kiss, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Motley Crew or Winger.

niel said...

I didn't see that ... Metallica? The Doors? Daughtry? REM? The Ramones

Mike said...

REM and the Ramones are good choices.

Metallica I feel is disqualified because of Lars. The Doors didn't have the longevity of bands like REM, Aerosmith etc.

Daughtry, that's funny :-).