Weekend part 1

This was a a really packed though relaxing weekend for me. Friday was one of my summer Fridays (SWEET). And after going to the bank to do some transactions, I try to find the Sopranos Prop sale. I drive around Silvercup studio for almost 40 minutes. No one seems to know where 44 drive is. So I head home.

I went to Wendy's for lunch, I got something called the baconater sandwich. The ad for it says "Order it ... Before it orders you!" It was good. I start packing for camping. Ani has found directions for 44 drive. So I head out again after lunch.

The warehouse was 1 block away from the Q39 stop near Ely avenue. The warehouse was a warehouse, it was dark and dusty. You would be surprised how much junk is needed to film a show. The coolest thing they had was the sign from the back of the "Crazy Horse" bar that Adrianna ran, it was were the FBI put a hidden camera. I picked up a few nick knacks (ash trays, book, sign form inside a hotel). All for a buck.

Afterwards I went looking for a camera strap at Target and Best Buy, no luck. But I got some sun screen and trail mix.

More later ...


Mike said...

Did they have the bowling ball bag that Tony stuffed Ralph's head into?

niel said...

sadly no ... nor the painting of Pie-o-mie