What the fuck

OK I was going to write about my weekend and my first summer Friday, but I just got finished watching the final episode of the Sopranos. And I am still digesting it big time.

My quick thoughts ...
  • Was less bloody from last week.
  • Oh I get the name "Made in America".
  • There was a rumor floating that Meadow dies ... and in the last scene it looked like it would heart was pounding.
  • It ended like real life, stuff is happening in the future, but everything is basically OK.

    On my weekend and Summer Friday.
  • On Friday I got to play some golf at Heartland. It was way too hot to play a full 18.
  • I made this great par. I hit it even with the pin on my tee shot, and it was in the sand. I hit a nice wedge shot, unfortunately it was too nice and flew over the green. I was 10 feet or so off the green about another 10-15 feet form the pin. I chip a hot back on, it hits the flag drops right in. That really fired me up.
  • On Saturday Ani and I went to Philly to go on the hot air balloon at the zoo, unfortunately it was closed. So we went into town and walked around a bit.
  • We saw Betsy Ross' house, I made a great fictional tour guide pointing out an alley where Benjamin Franklin would have trysts with African American women (and sometimes men) called Chocolate alley.
  • At Betsy Ross' house gift store, there is a machine that will give you free maps to specific locations. You find where you want to go and then boom Mapquest directions. I was as blown away by this as that kid from McSoreley's last weekend. I am easily impressed.
  • We ended up getting cheese steaks at both Pat's and Geno's I'm not so sure about the cheese whiz. Next time I'll do tastes tests with the same cheeses.
  • Mike, Kelvin and I started clearing out the apartment that the squatters used to be in on Sunday. Fucking filthy gypsies!
  • We settled in to watch the Sopranos and you saw what happened.
  • I can't believe Ani finds George Lopez funny.

    Mike said...

    The Sopranos ending, just like the last two seasons sucked. This is how the Sopranos has been for a few years now. They build up all this suspense and nothing happens. All we learned is that a large SUV can squash your head like a grape, you can grill steaks on a Xterra's undercarriage and Meadow is a really bad parker.

    Admittedly, I haven't watched all season. What job did Pauly take exactly? When he accepted the job and they panned out, I was expecting that giant cow at the top of the butcher shop to fall on him.

    niel said...

    Paulie took over one of the crews. It was the one that Bobby ran, and gay vito beofre him, and Joe Pantalano before him ... all people who were killed.