Who's Da Boss?

The big speculation on the Sopranos finale is that The show went black and Tony was killed right there. Just like he said to Bobby, "when the time comes you don't see it coming it just goes black". So supposing that Tony is dead (like Christopher and Bobby, and Silvio as good as dead in his vegetative state) would that make Paulie Walnuts the boss of New Jersey?

"MAHDON!" But that really leaves an opening for a spin-off.

"Who's Da Boss?"

Starring Tony Sirico as Paulie
Max Casella as Benny Fazio
Laura Marano as Alicia
Katherine Helmond as Aunt Joanne
Mr. Whiskers Pennyworth as Walden the cat

With the demise of the Soprano crime family, Paulie Gualtiare has taken over the leadership role of the family. Paulie buys big new house, and his life seems to be riding high.

Business is going well but his capos (including former Sopranos star Max Cassela reprising his role as Benny Fazio) have ideas how business should go and wackiness ensues. A whole new crew of characters show up at Satriales and the "Bing". Also returning is Paulie's old nemesis and new sounding board "Walden the Cat".

Paulie, gets a knock on the door one day and an adorable 12 year old girl is at the door. She calls herself Alicia and she claims to be Paulie's daughter. She explains that her mother died and she shows Paulie a picture and he knows she is telling the truth. But Paulie doesn't know anything about raising kids, he begs his Aunt Joanne (played by TV pro Katherine Helmond).

He's a big cheese out on the streets, but who will end up as the big provolone at home?

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