Hello Wisconsin Part 1

What is really weird is that Kelvin and Shawnda's wedding in Wisconsin over the weekend is so much a blur. It was a great time, I remember enjoying hanging out with Ani, Dave, Holly, Mike, Mandy, Kelvin, Shawnda and a cast of thousands. We took tons of pictures which can be seen on my flicker account, following this link.

Here are some of the highlights.


  • Woke up really early to catch our flight (7:25 to Chicago).
  • had to run across O'Hare airport to get to our connecting flight.
  • Ani's ID goes missing?
  • Arrive in La Crosse - The smallest airport ever.
  • Reading about competitive eating makes me hungry ... Got some Hardees ... And we ate it looking at the Mississippi River
  • Met up with Kelvin at our hotel, since our room wasn't ready we hung out with him. We all went to Shawnda's parent's house. We met her dad, and some of the bridesmaids. We then went out to Rudy's which is a drive in restaurant. The waitresses bring your food out to your car and get their on roller-skates. Very cool.
  • I get my Chevy Cobalt and follow Kelvin over to the After Hours, we pick up our tuxes. Ani and I head over to the State fair, where we met up with Shawnda and her friends.
  • I almost threw up on the tilt-o-whirl.
  • we went to the mall searching for a line in wire so we can listen to Flight Of the Concords in the car.
  • My phone is not working well, I have no screen.

    Wow that is like moment for moment

  • Ani, Kelvin and I have dinner with Dave and Holly at a Cajun place. The food was ok. The appetizers were really good. The Gator nuggets were tasty. There is nothing like eating an animal that could eat you.
  • We all heading back, Ani and I took a swim in the pool and called it a night.

  • Ani and Holly went to find somewhere to get Holly's nails done
  • Dave, Kelvin, some of Kelvin's frat brothers and I took the City Brewery tour. It was fun and the samples at the end were good for the most part.
  • There is some time confusion, and we end up at the sight of the wedding hella early.
  • Eventually we have the rehearsal, afterwards we go back to Rudy's for a quick bite before the dinner at 7pm.
  • The BBQ was good, I love brats and beer and there was plenty of that going on. K&S gave us groomsmen these really nice mugs which we were drinking out of by the fire. Life is good.

    Overall we felt really welcomed to Wisconsin by everyone we met in Wisconsin. We kept commenting on what a nice place La Crosse must have been to grow up in. Though the tap water was horrible, but I don't drink NYC tap water which is supposed to be the best tasting water in the country.

  • That night, Mike and Mandy got into La Crosse, I picked them up at the airport and we all went back to the party.
  • I then went back to drinking since Mike could drive my car back to the hotel.
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