Hotdogalpse Now!

I was going to start this post about the Fourth of July, but let me tell you Chipotle makes a mean burrito. Damn that was good, not eat 15 of them in 12 minutes good. But one in ten minutes good.

What a segue. Yesterday Ani and I went to Coney Island to see the Nathan's hotdog eating contest. Wow was there a lot of people there (some estimates were at 30,000). Luckily it was pretty cool so it didn't feel like you were going to die in the crowd.

All the contestants were introduced it was like pro-wrestling. It was awesome. The crowd went berserk when Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas, Joey Chestnut and the habitual masticator Takeru Kobayashi were introduced.

When it was finally time for them to eat, the crowd was in a frenzy. The bunettes stood behind Chestnut, Kobayashi and the mohawked Chicago chef Bartolotti (the only other competitor considered in the class of the world record holder and the six time defending champ). Watching it on TV is fun, but there is almost something grosser watching it in person. Twelve minutes of screaming and cheering and hands shoving hotdogs in mouths.

The time ran out and the unofficial count was Kobayashi 63 (a new world record) and Chestnut 63 (also a new world record). There was an uneasiness in the crowd. A tie... What the fuck! The emcee said they needed to check with the judges. Then when his mic should have been off we all heard "get me the belt and an American flag". The crowd erupted when it was obvious that Joey Chestnut was the new champ. The finally tally was 66-63. The 63 for Kobayashi was amazing considering his previous high was 55 1/2 and there was speculation that he would not be able to compete. A true champion. But Chestnut was awesome, also besting his previous high score by 7 hot dogs and buns.

Joey there is a chicken place across the street just in case your still hungry afterwards

Ani and I cut through the boardwalk to get back to the car. We decided to do some grilling, so we headed over to D'Allesandro's in bayside. We got cheddar/bacon burgers, some steaks and home made potato and macaroni salads. When we got to Mom's house I made a simple marinade for the steaks and started on the fire. The streaks were so ridiculously awesome. I could have eaten 37 of them in 22 minutes. No these were for savoring.


We went back home uploaded some photos to flickr and then we watched the Macy's fireworks from our windows.


Mike said...

U.S.A!!! U.S.A!!!!

dave said...

I have a question. How does one buy Home made potato salad? Doesn't the fact that you are not making it at home, but buying it in a store make it the complete opposite from home made?

foodiechickie said...

I like your posts.