I promise new post later on today ... there is the long awaited part 2 to the Wisconsin story (SPOILER ALERT ... they get married). And possibly a review of the Simpsons movie. But for now check out the new movie poster for the mysterious "Cloverfield" or "1-18-08" movie.


Mike said...

Is that the J.J. Abrams movie?

Pooka said...

Wow, just watched the trailer. That looks pretty damn bad ass. I'm a Lost fan, it's got some of that feel but scarier.

niel said...

JJ Abrams yes ... the trailer is so vague .. its just like the really vague trailers tehy did for Jurassic park. You neve saw the dinosaurs until you saw them in the theatre. I know where I'll be on january 18th (hopefully at the theatre not running form a monster invading NY)

Mike said...

it looks like a cross between War of the Worlds and Independence Day. Start Watching Lost!!!

JJ Abrams is all about vague. Start Watching Lost. Three seasons into Lost and I still don't have a clue whats going on.

Just a gentle reminder, you're missing the best show on television. Start watching Lost!!! It's right up your alley, you guys would love it. Start Watching Lost!!! Don't do what you did with the Sopranos and start watching it 5 seasons in. Start Watching Lost!!! Fuck Tom Glavine. Start Watching Lost!

Pooka said...

For once, I have to agree with Mike.

Start watching LOST!

Mike said...

If a show make me and your brother agree, it must be one hell of a show ;-).