Tom Terrific Too!


Tonight the Mets take on the Milwaukee Brewers and Tom Glavine takes his first shot at being the newest 300 game winner (and probably last). A win will be important for the Mets, as they are only 3.5 game sup on the Phillies and 4.5 up on the Braves who seem to have acquired Mark Texteria from the Rangers.

Yes I know that some days it just is streaming out of me ... And then it'll be a week before I post again. Yeah yeah.


Mike said...

But how many of those victories came with the Braves and how many with the Mets? I think its something close to 250-50. When he goes into the Hall of Fame, will he go in as a Met? I don't think so. Unless he wins a World Series ring with the Mets, all his greatest achievements are with the Braves.

Maybe the Mets should trade for Barry Bonds today so he can hit 755 and 756 in Flushing ;-).

Mike said...

Geesh no win for Glavine, and everyone but A-Rod hits a home run tonight. Baseball can be so cruel!

niel said...

Sunday versus the Cubs 300 wins baby!!!