Wisconsin part 2

Do you know what I have noticed that when I do a Part 1, I almost never do Part 2. I guess I lose steam. But here in brief is part 2 of our Wisconsin trip.

On Saturday, Ani, Mike, Mandy, Dave, Holly, Kelvin and I go get some breakfast, at Perkins. Our sever David, was really nice to Kelvin. Bringing him some extra stuff to help him get un-hungover. For shame Kelvin. I think David had a crush on Kelvin. After breakfast Dave and Holly took Kelvin back to the hotel. The rest of us drove into Minnesota. Which is beautiful and apparently not as mountainous as it appears just over the border. Another quick trip to Rudy's, then we went back to the hotel to get ready.

Kelvin, was keeping it together (kind of) and we got him to the gazebo with no incidents. The ceremony was beautiful and there were no errant throws from the "frolfers". Kelvin and Shawnda looked so happy.

People ate drank and were merry. I kept drinking pineapple juice with Malibu rum in it. Nice. So after much dancing and drinking it was time to board the bus back to the Marriott. Since Ani and I had a 7am flight, which now felt like a bad idea, we tried to change our flight. But not having a spare $1200 on us, we couldn't.

So the next morning, I don't hear the wake up call. But get out of bed by 5:16. I showered quickly and then we headed to the airport. As we check in the airport, Ani's ID is gone. She has her old ID, but the one with the same name as on her ticket is gone. We are tearing apart the suitcases looking for it. Unfortunately our rental car keys were in a locked box so we couldn't get back to them. They mark Ani's ticket for extra security screenings and let us go.

Ani gets the whole Al-Queda shake down. But they let her board the plane. The flight was short and uneventful. We touch down in Chicago with about two hours before our connecting flight.

The bathrooms at O'Hare have the coolest seat covers. Instead of a paper covering, it has this plastic covering which comes out automatically and then is destroyed after use. It was very cool. I was pretty concerned that they would ask for ID and when Ani didn't have any we would be getting a rental car and driving to New York.

But luckily that didn't happen. We got home no incident, but our time was all fucked up.

Overall it was a great trip, we had a lot of good times with Kelvin, Shawnda, Mike, Mandy, Dave, Holly and a cast of thousands.

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Pooka said...

Should've played up the terrorist threat a bit more. Makes for better posting.

And keeping it together? Kelvin didn't puke in your bathroom... :P