I read on Pop Candy that the new Flight of the Conchords EP came out today. So I check Best Buy and Circuit City for availability, they both had it so I headed out. I went to the Virgin Mega Store first and they had it for $3.99 SWEET. So I picked it up. When I brought it to the cashier, she was said "Oh like the TV show" and I said "yes."

She then said sort of like the Monkees. I was thinking "uhh no stupid they are not some bizzaro safe for TV Beatles knock-off by band", I said "actually they are more like Tenacious D." Right since its more comedy and not serious like the Monkees. Really. I said they are like the-D since they are both on HBO, and were a band (even if they are both mock bands) before the show. I took my change and left. I can't wait to hear business time on the surround sound. Which one of these days I have to rewire it so I can hear TV through it not just my DVD player. But I'm just so fuckin' lazy.

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