mmmm review

Virtually every week since the Winter of 1989 I have watched the Simpsons. I have been watching the show so long, I had the patience to wait almost three years to catch the one episode I missed along the way (the first camping episode - not to be confused with the Junior Campers episode featuring Earnest Borgnine). So I know a lot about the Simpsons. There is a four foot tall Homer Simpson in my house, a can a Buzz cola in my fridge, a box of Krusty' O's (the most you could expect in a cereal from a TV clown) and of course a tattoo of Lenny and Karl on my taint. Ok that's not true, Home is more like four and a half feet.

So when the Simpsons movie came out how could I not go see it. And honestly how could it not totally let me down. My anticipation of the movie was much like Bart's anticipation of the "Itchy and Scratchy Movie", the greatest thing ever. The guy falling off of the bridge and saying what has become one of my catch phrases "I regret nothing!" But this is real life and I'm 32 years old I don't get blown away by any movie (yes the 1-18-08 trailer and poster have come pretty close).

I will be honest with you I was pretty worried going in.

Top things about the movie
  • Most stunning "episode" of the Simpsons ever
  • Really went quick, didn't seem overly long
  • There was so much in it that the kids didn't get
  • I can't wait to watch it again on DVD to find more hidden gems

  • Worst thing bout the movie
  • So many characters barely in it.
  • Marge's voice sounds freakish super loud.
  • Kids singing the "spider pig" song
  • Why was Schwarzneggar the President and not his Simpsons counterpart Reiner Wolfcastle ... you know the star of the McBain movies?

  • Usually when a movie is over Ani asks me what I thought of it. She didn't I guess she knew I needed time to mull it over. Similarly to the last episode of the Sopranos which I needed time to digest.

    I really enjoyed the story and it was beautifully drawn. They showed the characters from different angles, which was nice. It had the sense of humor of really good episodes of the Simpsons and didn't try to be something it was not.


    Mike said...

    Is the part about the full frontal nudity true?

    niel said...

    yes ... Bart is hung like Ron Jeremy