It is amazing how much the way I camp has changed. During this past weekend at Alpine, I checked my email several times, did some web surfing, listened to white noise through my noise cancelling head phones.

But at the core, I built fire, cut wood, made fun of scouting insiders, mocked the way overly prepare, came up with new ways to slightly scare kids, and joked at the expense of close friends. So I guess not much changes.

Saturday night a fire siren went off and one of ther kids said "what's that?" Without missing a step I said that it was the demon that haunted the camp. And he feeds of freightened children, so don't be scared I told the kids. Oh I am a dick. But I helped orchedstrate a scaring of Pete years ago and now we are pals.

One thing that is good is some of the kids are getting to an age where they are beginning to feel strong and are collecting and cutting wood.Which is always good for insane fire building.

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