If you are like me you have seen the Cartoon Network's later night metal gore-fest Metalocalypsei ... And you have trouble sleeping.

Metalocalypse is about the most evil satanic metal band Dethklok, they are such a threat government groups watch them and try to stop their awesome metal madness! Well in addition to releasing the first season on the most black dvd box ever they released an album of 16 full length songs. All the songs are about death, suffering, you know metal stuff. One of my favorite songs is "Awaken", it might end up in my work out mix.

Another great song is "Birthday Dethday" .... There is a line that says to open your gift its a box of nothing. Wow!

If you are looking for deep lyrics with lots of meaning then the Dethalbum is not for you. But if you like large black motorcycles with four side carts, pounding guitar riffs and evil then this is something you need to check out.


Mike said...

How old are you?

Pooka said...

You have a work out mix? That requires... y'know, working out.