So there has been lots going on and I haven't gotten a chance to write at all.
In brief ...

We finally made the move to White Plains at work. Wow does the commute suck. Its not that its bad but it is so long. I'm actually going to drive in today to see how that works out for me.

That and a head cold this weekend caused me to forget to update my FF team, and caused me to leave in two players on their bye weeks and left 30 points on the bench. Good bye first place - hello Dave-land.

I went camping with Mike, Kelvin and Pete. It was fun going non-scout camping. It was very male bonding, just like on TV, but without nakedness or crying and with passing around each others phones to try them out. My only complaint we couldn't start a real fire (it was too dry). Though I found out that non-briquet charcoal is awesome.

As part of the move I got a blackberry. Its not bad when I take an extras long lunch and can still answer email. In fact this post is being written on it.

We visited both Mikes in Virginia. The GPS served its purpose well, though Ani was getting mad at the voice.

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Mike said...

Glad to see you posting again. Which Blackberry did you get? Next summer my two year contract is up, so I am looking for a new smartphone. I like my Treo, but compared to a lot of the newer phones, it's very clunky.