This afternoon is the first time I have taken a shuttle bus provided by our new building that at least one copy editor is not riding.

The longer commute has given me more time to read and listen to music, and I guess if I put my mind to it write.

This morning I listened to the solo album of system of a down front man Serj Tankian, called Elect the Dead. As you can imagine its very much like a SOAD album, but somehow not as catchy. I think Serj wasn't looking for a single on this album. Supposedly he did all the music on this -very Dave Grohl first Foo Fighters album. Honestly think about all the songs that were never released from the old System albums and these songs sound like them. I'm looking forward to listening to the Dethklok and Kid Rock albums I "shared" last night.


Mike said...

Oh I forgot about Serj's solo album. Thanks for reminding me. The song Serj did with Buckethead is awesome. It's called We Are One. It's on that DVD I gave you a few months back. SOAD is such a great collaboration of talented musicians, (minus Shavo), that I can't imagine a solo project being as good as the last two SOAD albums. But I'll definitely give it a listen. And Serj is a pretty talented musician in his own right, so maybe it will be good.

I was listening to the new Kid Rock and I wasn't very impressed. I'll go back and give it another listen, but it's so dramatically different than BAwitdaba, Cowboy and all that older stuff. I couldn't really get into it. It seems like Kid wasn't to be Weylon Jennings.

Im off the "borrow" some music.

niel said...

The kid rock album is ok ... i probably wouldn't go out of my way to listen.