quick break

We took a quick trip to Rehoboth beach Delaware last week. It was a really a much break. It snowed the day we drove there but none the less we had a good time.

Here are some highlights
-the B&B we stayed at was even nicer than it looked on the website. I'm glad I didn't book the place with its own private golf course (on behalf of the snow).
-it was a really easy drive (other than the snow).
-I ate lots of seafood, and felt bad that Ani couldn't.
- Did some outlet shopping. Saving is always good.
- The local pizzaria has a mascot that looks like Quagmire from Family Guy. The pizza was actually pretty good.
- The town is very quaint and we learned a lot about its history. Like the fact that their lighthouse fell into the sea. And Wahoo is a fish that is found in the area.

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