shame on you Liz Lemon

The show 30 Rock has really grown on me. Last week there was an episode with Liz Lemon's (Tina Fey)family coming into town. Her brother was played by the king of comedy Andy Richter, his character was trapped in 1985 after a skiing accident.
At one point they were eating dinner and the Dad "Dick Lemon" comes back to the table and says "All right we can get this party started, since you can't have a lemon party without Old Dick". Sadly when I heard that phrase all I could think of was . Was Tina Fey referring to that image, if so shame on you and bravo for slipping in one of the dirtiest moments on network TV.

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Mike said...

I've been a fan of 30 Rock since it first started last year. I think 30 Rock and the Office run neck and neck as far as the smartest comedies on TV right now.

I never knew about that lemonparty website until you mentioned it. And of course, curiosity got the best of me so I followed the link, and now my life is complete. I've seen an old man get "oral treats" from an equally old man. Thank you!