Is it me or are the Jets alternate "New York Titans" uniforms awesome. And wow do the Dolphins suck, I don't see how they can win a game next year either.

What was Omar thinking trading Lastings Milledge! They had the rainbow of young homegrown players, but no Willie hates LMillz so he's now going to get revenge on us 19 times a year in a Nationals uniform.

Its weird listening to music from an artist that is out of his genre. I have been listening to the solo folk album of Bad Religion's Greg Graffin. It is weird, I can't belive the guy who sang "American Jesus" is sing songs about tulips. Oh, by the way virtually every song on Jay-Z's American Gangster album sound pretty much the same.

I am not sure I am on the right metro north train. Outside looks very unfamiliar. I guess if it doesn't stop in White Plains that will be a clue.

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Mike said...

Yeah the Jets/Titans jersey is pretty awesome looking.

That's pretty funny about the Greg Graffin CD. I guess that would be like Jonathan Davis doing a smooth jazz CD.

How much snow did you end up with?