work from home

Yesterday I worked from home. Its funny since when other of my co-workers work from home I always use air quotes. Not anymore.

After going to the gym in the morning. I worked my ass off all day long. Broke for dinner and to watch the new Harry Potter on DVD, I went back to it and finished up around midnight. Long day indeed.

The new Harry Potter movie (Order of the Phoenix) was great. Its one of this things that you are watching and don't realize you've been watching for a few hours. It started off very dark got hopeful, dark again, and ended with a slight upswing. They better film the next two some of those kids aren't aging well. Ron.


Mike said...

I find that I get more done at home most of the time because I don't have dumb asses coming in to ask me questions every 30 seconds. And the other bonus is, you can't masturbate at the office ;-).

niel said...

wow your office is very strict.

Mike said...

Yeah, these HR departments are such prudes. They even shot down my idea for "free ballin' Friday" and bra optional Wednesdays. Damn them!

Man that would make a fantastic episode of the Office. Janice could come in with "the twins". And Angela could seductively arch her back over the top of Dwights desk.