new gym mix

So I am a little bored with my current gym mixes. Anyone have any ideas of some songs that will get me all fired up for the gym? I always prefer punk, hardcore rap and metal for this kind of thing.

There is this offsite thing for executives at work this week, one of the questions they had to answer before going is "what superhero would you want to be and why?" I'm sure there will be tons of Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman and other well known heroes. Here's my list of lesser known heroes I'd like to be like, or would say because I couldn't miss the opportunity to explain who Apache Chief was.

- Apache Chief
- Black Lightning
- Zan (of the wonder twins)
- General Zod (who really is good or evil ... KNEEL BEFORE ME!!)
- Wonderman Steve Williams
- Bizarro (not evil, more like a missunderstood Superman)
- Arthur


Pooka said...

Stronger by Kanye West, it may be a little cheesy but it's really a good song.

The cool techno-sounding voice was sampled from an even better song, "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk.

Mike said...

Wow you are turning into the Simpsons comic book guy. We all know the real super hero you really want to be is Claire Bennett so you could fondle yourself.

As far as songs go, it's not rap, but Riot by Wyclef John is pretty awesome. And that song I sent you the other day.

niel said...

I actually have stronter on one mix and the daft punk version on mix 2.

Clare bennet, funny stuff.