nothing sweeter

Is there anything sweeter than checking your work email first thing in the morning and finding there were no urgent overnight requests. Oh great there is a coupon for Barnes and Nobels and an ad from uBid.

I watched the Republican debate last night. And despite Tim Russert and Brian Williams admnonishing the crowd Ron Paul got rousing applause pretty much everytime he spoke. Well deserved applause.
I can't understand how anyone could even think of voting for Rudy, or even think he's a serious candidate anymore. He's getting what 9-11% percent of the vote everywhere so far. Usually ending behind Congressman Paul. But when he smiles (which always look forced) he shows off so much gum. He's fucking creepy, more and more looking like Bela Legosi, so he can count on the die hard Bauhaus fan vote. But are there enough of them to win the White House, probably not.

I wish None of the Above would be on the ballot in November. I bet that would carry a few states where is a man like Monty Brewster when we need him.

What is with the $600 bucks we are all getting? Do you think that 120 lattes at Starbucks is really going to help? If they want to stimulate the economy how about giving everyone $5000 ($10000 per married couple) that would stimulate the economy. People will buy buy buy and save. That is an investment in America.


Mike said...

Yeah, I like Ron Paul too. He's very intelligent and I feel like he is the only candidate who is serious about change. The rest of the candidates, both Rep and Dem will just go along and do more of the same. I see eye to eye on most of the issues with Ron Paul with the exception of gun control. We know Ron Paul can raise money like a son of a bitch, and he gets rousing applause at the debates, so why doesn't that translate into more votes during the primaries and caucuses? Perhaps when the primaries reach the more "civilized" states, Ron will do a little better. But I find myself counting him out along with Rudy. I think ultimately the democratic race is a two person race and the republican race will come down to McCain, Romney and Huckabee. I think Huckabees religious ties will ultimately do him in. So it may end up being a two man race for the Republicans. Do we want a man who was locked in a tiger cage sitting in the oval office? I don't think so. So ultimately I think it will be Romney. Unless we have hanging chads or some voter booth hacking. Of course now that I've said this Rudy will probably win in Florida next week.

Mike said...

And as far as the $600 checks, I agree it's a waste. I think the amount is ok, but if they mail the checks out at the same time, everyone will be spending money at the same time. So once that initial spending frenzy is done, we are back to people pinching pennies and not spending. If you stagger the release of checks, so that 33% get the checks in the spring, 33% get them in the summer and the remaining 33% get them in the fall, then you extend the spending and spread it out over a 9 month period. Then the usual holiday spending will kick in come november and december.

Personally I'm not going to spend any of the money buying frivolous stuff. I'll either invest it or put it into our savings account. But I suspect a large percentage of the population will spend it on booze, gambling, porn and hand bags.