Ok I'm a freak ...

On Thursday we found out that cheese doodle is a girl. And not to be one who is slow to act, I went out and bought this t-shirt for her. And then the wool hat. There is also a onsie on the way. I put them next to one of my jerseys, just to illustrate how small and cute they are. And just so everyone can image how small and cute cheese doodle will be when she is born.

Saturday Ani and I went to register at Baby's R Us. And we were pretty confident that it would take no time at all. Armed with the scanning gun, and lots of research (thanks SG), we stated off. And when we got through about a quarter of the store the two of us were getting woozy and overwhelmed. Luckily the scanner started running out of juice. So we handed it in, got a free gift card for registering (which we used on the hat) and headed out of there.

As we drove home we kept the windows open so we could have fresh air hitting us. To ward off a relapse into our minor panic attacks. We were listening to this CD of cover songs and the band Travis did a cover of the Brittany Spears song "Baby one more time". I looked over and Ani was crying, because much like Freddie Mercury singing about his future demise in the beginning of Bohemian Rhapsody, Brittany was singing about what she's going trough right now. She is so deep and prophetic.

So here is what you should remember about this post

  • Cheese doodle is a girl
  • Pink Mets shirts are adorable
  • Visit our registry at
  • I feel bad about Brittany Spears
  • Shop soon, and shop often
  • Registering for baby stuff is dizzying and cant be done in one sitting (much like an 11 pound hamburger)
  • We will be back registering for more stuff soon


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