The polls are closed and I am declaring Rudy Guiliani the winner among ex-New Yorkers living in south west Tampa who quote Yogi Berra at least three times a week. I was waiting for him to call it quits during his consecion speach.

What a big day for Mets fans, the Mets pull off the trade for Johann Santana and the king of Yankees fans suffers a huge defeat.

I am so sick of reality TV (except American Gladiators) settle this stupid strike. Oh speaking of AG, have you wondered where you had seen the referee. He was the ref in Dodgeball. That's right, check it out on FX.

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Mike said...

I'm glad the Mets got Santana because that means the Red Sox didn't get him. Im a little pissed at the Twins though. The Yankees were willing to trade their rising star center fielder and their top pitching prospect for Santana and they wouldn't pull the trigger. The Mets got Santana for a steal. I've never heard of any of the minor leaguers they traded to the Twins. Are any of them any good?