Terminator : the new becky conner chronicles

I was extremely apprehensive about a new Terminator product, especially since Terminator 3 was less than awesome. But Fox's new show is really good.

It takes place in between T2 and Terminator 3. Basically by destroying the Arnold Terminator, killing Dyson, and blowing up cyberdyne industries did stop July 29th 1997 from being judgment day, it pushed it back to August 24th 2007. The story starts in 1999 when Sarah and John are discovered by the machines in New Mexico, but John being crafty had sent a Terminator to watch over his 15 year old self. And what a surprise he sends back a hot girl to watch over him.

They end up time travelling to soon before Judgment day, to stop it. And start the war against the machines. It is really fun and great right after American Gladiators.

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Pooka said...

Dang it, I missed the first episode. Forgot to set the DVR for it...

Becky Connor is in it? Old Becky or Dr. Eliot from Scrubs?