thanks dave

Inspired by Dave's new fanatasism for his Jets blog/message board, I went looking for a Mets one to become obsessive about.

I went to metsblog.com but it wasn't really very interactive. But they had a link for thehappyrecap.com and the are very interactive and since I joined yesterday I have posted there a bunch. I just started a thread about how the mets need to trade unproven minor leaguers for Johan Santana. Seriously its retarded not to.

But now in addition to keeping up with the upcoming baby, work, and my blog, now I have this. Ok I gotta go and write about some of my fondest Shea memories.


Reza said...
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Mike said...

Yeah but I dont think the Twins want just any scrub prospects. When it came to the Yankees they wanted an established major leaguer in Melky Cabrera, and two of the Yankees top pitching prospects. Do the Mets really have any prospects that would interesting the Twins? I would rather see the Mets get Santana than the Red Sox obviously, but I think it would be career suicide for Santana to go the Mets. Seriously, who was the last free agent or player traded to the Mets that had career years there? He's go from a 20 game winner to a 15-10 pitcher with the Mets.