UPS and downs

We got a notice on our door that we had a package waiting for us at the UPS place. It said it was from toys r us, which meant someone bought something from the baby registry. Ani met me in the city after work and then we headed over to UPS. We got there a few minutes after seven when they said to be there.

The line snaked out of the building. We got on line behind a heavy set Mets fan who works for Time Warner Cable. We estimated there were thirty to forty people ahead of us and within a few minutes that many if not more behind us. People were complaining claiming they were home when UPS tried to deliver their packages. I think most of them knew they would have to wait for the truck to come in.

Eventually we got to the front, our package (some baby robes) was waiting for us. Sweet. Sadly our portly friend had to wait.

I went to Borders to find a new book to read, I couldn't find anything I liked. But I went to toys r us and they were discounting tons of stuff and lucky for me they had pink Mets player t-shirts for babies. I got a David Wright shirt, its a pretty good bet he'll be on the team in 2010 when the shirt will be big enough for cheese doodle. I got that and a onesie, both were heavily discounted and then they rang up at 50 percent off, $1.35 total. I just wish they had more variety, and some boys Yankees shirts to send down to VA.

I am finding that blogging while working out really distracts me in a good way.

I can't wait for later on today to watch the playoffs. I am so into it this season. My picks.


Pooka said...

Oh! I get it... UPS, like "ups" not U P S.... UPS and downs... oh man.. hehe... I lolled!

You're not even trying anymore.

niel said...

stupid writers strike! no one can come up with cleaver headlines in this place!