Wanna know where you should try not to bruise yourself? The neck. I was trying out a new regimine which included squats, and the bar hit the back of my neck. Yikes. My neck has been really tense and tight with stress, but now I'm using heat pads and activON. Sweet.

Its funny during the state of the union when W goes very vague he gets the full standing ovation. But if he goes specific he gets rousing applause on one side of the room only. Nancy Pelosi looks so uncomfortable. I wish she would roll her eyes (or if Cheney would).

When he mention genocide in somewhere in Africa and got a standing O, he had this weird smirk. Does he realize they are cheering that America doesn't like genocide, not him per se.

On a real important subject, I hope the Twins finally deal Santana to the Mets, or somebody I just wish the will they, won't they stuff.


Mike said...

SO first you blew out your knee doing squats and now you bruised your neck. Maybe that's not the exercise for you :-).

Man I wanted to strangle Hillary tonight. And didn't Ted Kennedy and Barrack look like a couple of kids who became all chummy during summer camp? I like how "W" would smirk when he used the word veto. And man is Dick Cheney creepy.

I think the State of the Union is a bunch of hogwash. If half of what was discussed actually got done, we would be in pretty good shape as a country. Unfortunately I see very little getting done in the final 300+ days remaining in W's presidency.

Mike said...

Oh and another place you don't want to bruise yourself...the taint!!! Don't ask!

niel said...

I feel bad for W right now. He is so totally overshadowed by the people running for his job. What does he have to do to get on the news, invade Spain?

Mike said...

He could start by bruising his taint!!!!