what a tool

Do you ever step back from yourself for a moment and realize how stupid you must look. Right now I am at the gym, iPod in my ears and answering emails on my blackberry while on the eliptical trainer. And yes posting to my blog. Who has two thumbs and is a tool ... That's right this guy!

Have you guys watched the new American Gladiators yet. It is great, and I'm pretty sure they have the same fat referee. I love that during the eliminator the contestants have to swim under pipes shooting out fire.

And unlike the old gladiators there are two hot female gladiators, Crush and Venom. Nice. I have to get that out of my system now or my daughter will hear it and she's on the express train to whoretown (with stops at eating disorderville and yankee-fan land).


Mike said...

The old American Gladiators were kind of hot in their special late 80's early 90's way. Especially Lace. I agree Crush is hot, Im not sure about Venom. I think Fury is a dude. And Titan is a gay.

And if your posting on your blog while on the elliptical, you can't possibly be working out for real. Although you did look thinner when I saw you this past weekend.

Pooka said...

How can you talk about hot gladiators and not mention Hellga?