Anyone know of a way to link several grids to each other. Basically I have one master pub plan, and I have smaller break versions, is there a way when I update the master the others will update as well?

That way of thinking would be great for brainstorming purposes.

Why isn't there a good crossword puzzle module for blackberrys?

Am I racist? I swear the 125th street train smelled like chicken, when I got up to the street, there was a Popeyes. Man I wish there was a Popeyes in White Plains.

I wonder how deep the water is in the river (stream) that runs along side the Metro North Harlem Line?


Pooka said...

Yes, you're racist.

Link grinds, in InDesign? I'm pretty sure there'd be a way to embed a smart object that came from a separate InDesign file, or maybe Illustrator. Then you can update the original, and it'll update across all versions it's embedded into.

Pooka said...

er... grinds = grids