I forgot my iPod today so I decided to try loading music on to my blackberry. And it worked. I just loaded some U2, Bad Religion and songs from the movie Cloverfield. And as I type this I am listening to the Gorillaz. This will be great for days I forget my iPod or don't charge it.

Its too bad that Romney and his three wives are out of the race. Not that he would be a good president, but the polygomist references would priceless.

The Republican headquarters of White Plains had giant Rudy 2008 signage, but today when the bus passed by it they had all these weak little limp McCain signs on the lawn.

I can't believe how hard it is to find a Wii. Last weeekend Ani and I went to almost a dozen places and nothing. Any thoughts or stratagies anyone.


Mike said...

I have a suggestion about the Wii. Don't get one. Once CD comes along you wont have any time to play it. I havent turned my Wii on since Max was born.

Pooka said...

Or, you could buy one, then let me have it when Nielina shows up.