burmese mountain dogs

Am I really the type of person who watches the Wesrminster Dog Show? I wouldn't think so, but I was so intreguided by it, these last two days. Perhaps it was the lack of other things to watch, but I was glued to the USA network for most of last night. Thanks NBC for calling all the primaries so early.

These dogs had so.much personality. Not the faggy poodles, but the working dogs and the sporting dogs in particular. Clearly the beagle that won, first hound in 25 years, was so charismatic and cute. He was clearly the crowd favorite. He was both a show dog and a dog next door.

When he won the Garden exploded in cheers. Oddly when the Knicks "dog it" there are only boos or apathy.

My other favorites

The burmese mountain dog -
that is the black dog with the white and orange underbelly. Kind of looks like a St.Bernard.

The Siberian Malamut - basically a fat legged husky.

All the bitches - no other live sporting event allows such a liberal use of the word bitch. "Please turn that bitch around" was said by the judges on more than one ocassion. Nice.

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Mike said...

You hear turn that bitch around used very liberally on "Snoop Father Hood" as well. Just in a SLIGHTLY different context.

I was a big fan of the Neopolitan Mastiff. That is one awesome beast of a dog.

It's funny you mentioned the beagle because my boss was just talking about the beagle and how cute it was. He owns a beagle himself.