the dog show

Last night were the so-called Potamic Primaries (why can't people just vote with out a cute name added to voting day?). And Senators Obama and McCain swept all three primaries -handily for Sen. Obama. MSNBC calls these things earlier and earlier. "With 0% reporting we can project that Sen. Obama has defeated Sen. Clinton". Really can you? But when they were announcing that Hillary was speaking at 9pm I was sure she was going to quit.

But she is just beginning to start her Guiliani-esque plan to take Texas (March 4th), and ignore all primaries in between. Ask Rudy how that plan works.

So her plan involves her criss crossing Texas while Obama picks up momentum and delegates in Wisconsin and Hawaii. When you pick up momentum you also get your fundraising machine pumping, instead of having to write yourself a massive check.

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